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①-Things you'll find in this blog: Jrock, Marvel, Avengers, Batman, BioShock Infinite, Assassin's Creed, Deadpool, Spider-man, Supernatural, Hannibal, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Naruto, Bleach, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, Silent Hill, Star Trek, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Borderlands, Alice: Madness Returns, Portal, reptiles (mostly snakes and lizards), random animals, etc.
②-Jrock bands I post/reblog the most: D'espairsRay, cocklobin, NightingeiL, アンド, Plastic Tree, DEATHGAZE, Suicide Ali, アヲイ, -OZ-, Versailles, girugämesh, the GazettE, 9GOATS BLACK OUT, etc.
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"Sometimes the hardest people to love are the ones who need it the most."

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I came out here in 2010; we just wrapped the very first Thor film and I guess I was a Comic Con virgin…They say it’s 7,000 people, it’s about the biggest live gig I’ve ever performed.[x]

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Since Harlequins (and most importantly Ottoman Jesters) are life, have some AWESOME Caha cosplay by MadameSpontaneous on DeviantArt.

Her gallery of Caha pictures is right here:



Fan art by Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey


Fan art by Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey

Hannibal once served me tongue and then made a joke about eating mine. It would be narrow to not at least consider it.

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